Thomas Sharrock as a Quaker.



                    The following came from the “Record of the sufferings of Quakers in Cornwall 1655-1686”

                   (Published for the Friends HistoricalSociety, 1928).


          “The record of Sufferings of Friends in Cornwall is a folio volume, with a beautifully embossed brown leather cover, containing in manuscript a full account of the persecution and sufferings endured by Quakers in Cornwall from 1655 to 1792. Of these, the first thirty-one years are in the handwriting of Dr. Thomas Lower, son-in-law to George Fox, who was also the transcriber.......................”


          The Following extract is the first reference I came across to my earliest “provable” ancestor. I wonder whether the seven pairs of shoes he had taken from him suggest he was a cordwainer.


1661                    Nicholas Jose and Others


          On ye 16th of ye 3d month 1661 diverse ffriends beeinge mett togeather in ye parish of Mabe to waite upon ye lorde: & ye meetinge beeinge ended & some ffriends passinge away there came a guarde of souldiers about fifty muskettires & brought such ffriends as they mett backe againe into ye meeting house where they sett a guarde rounde about it: & some came in with there Musketts psented & swords drawne, where some ffriends were at meate: & they tooke & dragged out as many as they founde in yt house; beeinge very rude & uncivil; insomuch that they broake open locks: & did other Mischeiffs: & then took Nicholas Jose John Kerton Ephraim Mills Roger Mills John Trethowen William Trethowen John Derite John Tregellis Peter Auger, John Reily John Martin; Thomas Sharrocke Sampson Jeffry John Crougey John Jenckyn William Hawkey John Clemens & William Benny & carryed them to pendennis castle; & without any examination att all putt them into a darke  & nasty dungeon: & fowre women ffriends (viz) Johan Penwarden Susanna Rundell grace Crowgey & Margery penrose, whome they tooke & putt into a close chamber neere ye prison; where they remained all that night & untill ye 9th howre next day:


          Then they guarded them to penryn & putt them into ye towne Hall & theire kept them two days & nights: & from thence carried them with a guarde to Truroe before John polwheele & Degory polwheele called Justices whoe tendered them ye oath of Alleg: & because for consciens sake they could not Sweare they sent them to ye Common goale att launceston where they remained untill they were delivered by ye Kings proclamation: afterwards about ye8th month next followeinge by a warrant from John Polwheele Degory Polwheele & Renatus Billett called Justices diversof ye aforesd ffriends were distreyned for refuseinge to pay the charge for carryinge them to ye goale a particular of what & ye persons from whome there goods were distreyned is as followeth

                                                                                      li       s        d

Ephraim Mills had taken from him a Mare worth

          about                                                                   2       10     0

William Trethowen had taken from him a Mare

          worth well                                                           2       0       0

Peter Auger had taken from him one Mare worth

          about                                                                   3       0       0

John Derite had taken from him one Cow worth

          about                                                                   5       0       0

John Tregellis had taken from him housholde

          goods worth about                                            0     18        0

Thomas Sharrocke had taken from him 7 paire of

          shoes worth                                                        1       4       0


Sampson Jeffry had taken from him one suite of

          cloaths worth                                                     1       0       0

Susanna Rundell had taken from her fowre sheepe

          worth                                                                   0    12         0


                                                          sum: tot  16         4       0