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Sharrock of Veryan



Hello! I’m Dave Sharrock from Bude, Cornwall, in England. Thanks for visiting my site.

       I assume you’re a Sharrock or interested in the name.

       My family stretch back to about 1640, in Cornwall, where they are within a generation of a well documented and well to do family of the same name, who appear in the 1620 Heralds’ Visitation of Cornwall.

       It was the information, in the Visitation, linking this Cornish family with Lancashire that intrigued me.


Sharrockes of Ribblesdale in Com. Lanc. First of wh. Was Ralph Shorrock of Shorockhayes wch in the Barrons’ War was advanced to be a Captaine and therein lost his life, his descent grewe poore, and when the Scotts overran the Northern borders & parte of Lancashire and Cheshire the most part of this familie fled into Dublyn in Ireland, where by the Corruption of the Irish Ideoam they were termed Sharlock wch name of necessitie they were constrained to hold in the time of King Henrie the Seventh.”

(The Barons War took place between 1258 and 1267. Henry the seventh was on the throne from 1485 to 1509.)


       I hope I can tell you more of how and where the name originated in the north of England.

       I can’t prove, yet, that my line is descended from the “Visitation” family but I have a lot of circumstantial evidence which up ‘til now satisfied me.

       There is , currently, a DNA project taking place. It involves another Sharrock, apart from myself, as well as members of the Shorrocks and Shorrock “clan”.

       The “Visitation” family were minor gentry and provided children and grandchildren who amongst things became Prime Minister of Great Britain, another wrote the “forwards” to the books of Robert Boyle, of Boyle’s Law. Perhaps I could tell you something of them.

       My own family tree starts with Thomas Sharrock, about 1640, a quaker, who suffered imprisonment for his faith.(Detail of his suffering can be found here.) His family remained on the Roseland peninsula of Cornwall for two hundred years.

       My own GG Grandfather, a customs officer, who survived the Crimean War is the “father” of virtually all Sharrocks in the southwest of England.

       Please, take the time to look at the following topics. If they interest you, please, contact me. (at

1.       How and where did the name originate.

2.       Where did the family go from Lancashire.

3.       The “Visitation of Cornwall” family of Sharrock.

4.       What became of the “Visitation” family

5.        My (David Sharrock) ancestors from about 1640 to the early 19th Century.

6.        The descendents of John Pascoe Sharrock.