My own Sharrock Family on the Roseland Peninsula in the 17th to 19th Century.



       My own “provable” line of descent starts with Thomas Sharrock. He would have been born about 1640.

I cannot prove he was part of the “Visitation” family although I have no doubt and am fairly certain I know his father.


       In 1661 he was a Quaker, arrested and interned, firstly, at Pendennis Castle, Falmouth and, later, Launceston Jail.


       His two daughters and son Matthew, my ancestor, were baptized at St. Just in Roseland which was the parish church for St. Mawes.


       Matthew Sharrock, baptized in 1671, described himself as a yeoman. He married Agnes Hinch, at Sheviock, Cornwall, in 1695.  They had three daughters and three sons including Joseph my ancestor.

Matthew left a will when he died in 1735.


       Joseph Sharrock, baptized in 1707, and his wife Jane had, at least eleven children, all baptized at St Just in Roseland.   Not all survived but the eldest, Robert, born in 1733 became my ancestor.


       Robert Sharrock, baptized in 1733, married Ann Harris, and they had several daughters and two sons Matthew in 1756 and my ancestor, Joseph, in 1777.


       Joseph Sharrock married Jane Green in 1802. Her surname appears down the years as a second Christian name (my own Great-Grandfather was William Green Sharrock). Together they had six children including John Pasco Sharrock my Great- Great-Grandfather, born in 1812 and Matthew Sharrock, born in 1821.


       They both joined the navy and subsequently the coastguard which necessitated moving away from St Mawes. Whilst there were still Sharrocks on the Roseland, the departure of the two brothers, largely, caused the name to disappear from the area.


       It’s very sad that through two hundred years of baptisms, marriages and burials there is no evidence of a Sharrock memorial. There is, however, an amazing “stone” near the church at St Just in Roseland to Matilda Jenkins who was born a Sharrock. To see the detail go to here.