The Gravestone of Matilda Jenking.


She was born Matilda Sharrock the daughter of Matthew and Agnes Sharrock. The Gravestone, at St Just in Roseland, is close to the church between it and the water.


The Namur was wrecked on 14, April 1749 in a storm near Fort St David. In total, 520 of her crew were drowned


The first part of the inscription is written around the four edges of the stone and the main text within it.



“Here lyeth the body of Mattilda the daughter of Matthew Sharrock and Agnes his wife born the First of January and in the year of our Lord 1698 and this life departed the Thirty First of July 1750”


To William Jenking almost 32 years I was a wife

I hope I always lived a virtuous life

Search the register and in it you may plainly read

I had by him eleven sons besides daughters three

One son I had among the rest his fancy for to please

Resolved was to go on board and cross o'er the salt seas

Unto the East Indies in Fort Davids Road

It happened then his sad fate to be that time on board

One of his Present Majesty's ships called Namur

The name I never more could bear to hear nor could endure

When the stormy winds did rise and billows they did roar

Several hundreds of dead bodies there lay dashing on the shore

The news of this made my poor heart and flesh to pine away

So here my body lyeth now amidst this cold bed of clay

Yet though my body here doth lie amid this clod of clay

I hope that it will rise again at the Great Judgement Day

When Christ shall call for me and all to come before his throne

And reunite soul and body again together both in one

There to receive the judgement then as He shall think most meet

A due reward of all our deeds as Christ shall judge most fitt